This project was done a while back, but I’m highlighting it because it’s just so cool. My good friend and photo stylist Wendy Lewis and I were playing around with some ideas, and found ourselves in an Asian market buying whatever we thought might look interesting on set. As the project evolved, we started shooting on a plexiglass surface and lighting from under the set, so the only light used was coming THROUGH the subject.

Suddenly, plain looking objects like noodles or lettuce took on an otherworldly life of their own. Each item we tried was a new surprise, with some popping off the screen immediately, and others requiring some post production work to coax out the colors and details that we saw hints of right away. With hidden details revealed by unusually dramatic studio lighting, what started as a fun experiment in food photography turned into art. Ultimately we created a gallery show and sold them as large fine art prints. Contact me if you’re interested in some very unusual wall art.