Patrick Freet is a residential architect in Minneapolis. We got to know each other when he designed an addition for our home last year. He’s incredibly talented, and I strongly recommend working with him if you can. One of his ongoing projects is a concept called Loq-Kit – a proposed system of interchangeable house parts designed to create more sustainable and affordable housing.

Patrick also has a knack for building amazingly detailed architectural models of his designs. In this case he created five model Loq-kit houses, arranged like a small city block. With the model set up in my photography studio in Minneapolis, we mounted the camera upside down to get a super low perspective on the houses. This angle makes the models appear a bit more realistic, viewed the same way you see houses from the street. We took advantage of the fact that the houses are lit from within, and created a twilight look with a warm glow radiating from the windows.

Patrick’s website is here: ​